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Ephesus is a very special city tours here while we attended private Ephesus. Our tour guide told us very detailed information pamukkale tours about the history of Ephesus first. Ephesus öncdlikl is made very Buyaka excavation and restoration work since 1980. Ephesus was made at the time of the ancient Greek and Roman empires. Even 600 meters in length, made of marble, which is very large and has a king road extending to the coast. King of the road made of marble and decorated with here is very nice, columns and statues. In the ancient city of Ephesus is one of the most beautiful building adorned with a statue of the king on both sides
There is the fountain Trojan. Here it is outdoor tuvalat and Roman baths used by the public is a structure which is very interesting as people together. Ephesus made up of single-storey buildings and is very beautiful marble pillars of the Temple of Ephesus. There are 2 right next to the building and one of them has the king of the palace as well as the town hall. At the entrance door of the edirne tours house it has a love heart sign. In the port city of Ephesus is here
Before the caravan of ships with goods from Greece to Italy and then the euro is here all the goods are transported in this way.

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The historic city of Bursa on the silk road had numerous caravanserais. Today are very busy trading city of Bursa. about 700 years near the city of Bursa silkworm breeding is done. Bursa Silk Cocoon Bazaar which is 600 years old this building is made of many men and women istanbul dinner cruise who ipekt clothes and accessories are sold here. Selling works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenir shops are located here. The city of Bursa Bursa Ulu Mosque, which has the most beautiful buildings here are made on time and Yildirim Beyazit and is made with classical Ottoman architecture.
First, here is the very center of the city of Bursa Ulu mosque has made large marble courtyard. Bursa city even has a garden decorated with many flowers. There are gardens adorned with flowers, especially tulips. Bursa tours Ulu mosque are made of masonry, this structure was built in the beginning of the year 1400 which is made of very fine marble water fountain and fountain also. The manuscript is decorated with calligraphy. Bursa Ulu mosque made of green Iznik ceramics and gold and are embellished with numerous works.

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We are very close to the ancient city of Ephesus and Mary’s house here, and then very heavily wooded road in a wooded highway here. Mary Nightingale topped bulunaup house is the statue is made of bronze Mary on trabzon tours the road. I take plenty of pictures while here. We have the nightingale hills with 5-4 minutes of private vehicles. mary house a museum which is very popular here and is protected as a conservation area. bmary house is too crowded here as the location was determined in 1970 by Pope Cross. quite small and cozy place in the form of a cross. I prayed that I planted here plenty and candle. Mary’s house is a holy place and here to read the Bible throughout the day. There is even a wish fountain Mary era.

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این نخستین نوشته‌‌ی وبلاگ شماست . به این وسیله پیوستن شما به خانواده نت سایت را خیر مقدم عرض می کنیم. شما می‌توانید آن‌ را ویرایش یا پاک کنید و پس از آن وبلاگ نویسی را آغاز کنید!

برای آشنایی بیشتر و نحوه استفاده از امکانات سایت به آموزشگاه نت سایت مراجعه فرمائید.. …

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Ephesus with the works carried out at the time of the ancient Greek and Roman empires has topped the Nightingale mary house. Bul Bul hills and woodland and forest is very dense here so we went mary house on a road where there are often trees. The way the house is the statue of Mary Mary, which made a huge bronze. Mary has a very tight security here is much lower than protection. mary place in the form of a cross. There is plenty of plenty, I prayed and I planted wax candles. by the Pope in 1970 and it has been recognized as the place of the cross. Finally, it is a historic Busua wish to remain in the period mary fountain.
Ephesus tours is an amazing place, where the town hall and the first entry is located right next to the palace of the king.
which is 600 meters in length and over and entertainment for the public celebrations are held here. King way too long and too wide
There is here the Celcus Libray. This structure is magnificent architecture. Ephesus Celcus libray outside the inner part of the 2-storey building is one-story and were made to get more light. In front of Celcus Libray there are turkey tours statues made of marble 4. This sculpture symbolizes the power of truth and justice. The city is a port city of Ephesus is the capital as part of the Asian continent.